For the balancing of zinc and manganese deficiencies, the stimulation of the metabolism and the liver function.

  • Zinc deficiency
  • Manganese deficiency
  • Metabolism

EQUIPERGATO ® - ZINCBASE is the perfect health-improving food to replenish the mineral reserves by organic preserved zinc complexes with delayed effect as well as organically-bound manganese for long-term intake and optimum bio-availability.

EQUIPERGATO ® - ZINCBASE contains high-quality herbs and nutrients activating the metabolism and strengthening the immune system and the body’s detoxification.

EQUIPERGATO ® - ZINCBASE is characterised by organic zinc ions with sustained release in the small intestine and thus improved resorbability.

  • For the compensation of feed related zinc deficiencies
  • For the compensation of feed related manganese deficiencies
  • Stimulation of the metabolism and regeneration of the liver

Dextrose, oat middlings, Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), apple pectin, seaweed meal, yeast, willow bark, palm oil, artichokes


· 5.60% crude protein · 8.80% crude fat · 6.00% crude fibre · 8.40% crude ash


· 7,500.00 mg (3b607) zinc chelate of glycine hydrate · 6,000.00 mg (3b605) zinc sulfate monohydrate · 1,500.00 mg (3b603) zinc oxide · 8.000,00 mg (E5) manganese chelate of glycine hydrate · 5,000.00 mg (E1) ferrous chelate of glycine hydrate · 2,500.00 mg (E4) cupric chelate of glycine hydrate · 125,000.00 i.E. (3a672a) vitamin A retinyl acetate · 12,000.00 mg (3a700) vitamin E/ all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate · 10,000.00 mg (E 300) vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid · 60,000.00 mcg (3a880) biotin · 1,.000.00 mg (3a821) vitamin B1 · 800.00 mg vitamin B2 · 650.00 mg (3a831) vitamin B6 · 9,000.00 mcg vitamin B12

Feeding instructions:
g/day* measuring cup/day*
Horses 30 1,5
Medium sized horse breeds 20 1
Small sized horse breeds 20 1
* to the daily intake of food. Because of its higher content of trace elements compared to complete food this supplementary feed should not make up more than 3 % of the horse’s daily intake.
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