For activation and stabilization of the hoof's growth and improvement of metabolism, coat- and hair condition.

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Hoof horn

EQUIPERGATO ® - KERASKIN contains nutrients in an ideal composition: biologically high-quality biotin, zinc, manganese, sulphur-containing amino acid, organic sulphur and vitamin B complex for controlled and stable hoof horn development and brilliant shiny coat.

The biologically high-quality nutrients and particularly high bioavailability and efficiency of EQUIPERGATO ® - KERASKIN has been adapted to the horse’s needs.

  • Activation and stabilization of the hoof’s growth
  • Optimization of the metabolism / Improvement of coat and hair condition

Water, saccharose, sodium chloride


· 2,2% crude protein · 0,04% crude fat · 0,03% crude fibre · 4,6% crude ash · 0,02% calcium · 0,01% phosphor · 0,45% sodium · 1,2% lysine · 1,3% methionine


Nutritional additives: · 1,500,000 µg biotin · 100 mg vitamin B1 · 1,000 mg vitamin B2 · 100 mg vitamin B6 · 12,000 µg vitamin B12 · 3,000 mg manganese chloride · 11,400 mg zinc chloride E6 · 3,000 mg niacin
Technological additives: · 2g potassium sorbate E220 · 2g xanthan E415

Feeding instructions:
Horses 10
Foals 5
Ponies 5
to the daily intake with the food, with the drinking water or directly into the mouth with a mouth syringe. *

* Because of its higher content of trace elements compared to complete food this supplementary feed should not make up more than 1 % of the horse’s daily intake.
Shake bottle before use. Store in cool dry place.

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