For strengthening of the foal’s immune system and stabilization of its digestive system.

  • Immune system
  • Prophylaxis of diarrhoea
  • Motherless rearing

EQUIPERGATO ® - IMMUNDIGEST FOAL Foal for the best possible start in life – even under far-from-ideal conditions

EQUIPERGATO ® - IMMUNDIGEST FOAL Foal supports the development of a strong and resistant immune system due to its combination of nutrients, vitamins, organic trace elements and colostrum.

EQUIPERGATO ® - IMMUNDIGEST FOAL Foal contains valuable herbal ingredients such as natural pectins, carob flour and horse chestnut which helps to improve the development of a physiological gut flora and prevents from diarrhoea.

EQUIPERGATO ® - IMMUNDIGEST FOAL Foal can be used directly from birth and is particularly suitable for motherless rearing.

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Prophylaxis of diarrhoea and optimal digestion
  • High acceptance and tastiness
  • Improves vitality

Colostrum, apple pectin, sweet whey powder, glucose, carob groats, rice flour, yoghurt powder, egg powder, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, parsley, spruce needles, horseradish, curcuma


· 13.00% crude protein · 2.00% crude fat · 2.5% crude fibre · 11.00% crude ash · 2.00% sodium · 0.35% calcium · 0.25% phosphor · 1.50% potassium · natural herbs etc.


Nutritional additives: · 9,000.00% i.E.% vitamin% A retinyl acetate · 3,000.00% i.E.% (E671) vitamin% D3 · 2,500.00% mg% (3a700) vitamin% E/all rac-alpha-tocopherylacetat · 170.00% mg% (3a711) vitamin% K3 · 2,000.00% mg% (3a831) vitamin% C · 140.00% mg% (3a821) vitamin% B1 · 220.00% mg% vitamin% B2 · 100.00% mg% (3a831) vitamin% B6 · 1,600.00% mcg% vitamin% B12 · 300.00% mg% (E4) cupric chelate of glycine hydrate · 300.00% mg% (E5) manganese chelate of glycine hydrate · 300.00% mg% (3b607) zinc chelate of glycine hydrate 300 x 10h 9KBE/kg 4b 1710 saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885

Feeding instructions:
for foals only instructions
during the first 30 days 10 g twice a day *
after the first 30 days 10 g once a day *
* mix with 30-50 ml water or milk formula and give via oral syringe.

Store in cool dry place. Close containers tightly after use. Only for the use with horses.

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Immundigest Foal