Active cell protection for muscles and joints for the optimization of the physiological performance and better immune defence.

  • Muscle/joints
  • Immune system
  • Condition

The optimum provision with special cell-protective factors and building blocks is precondition for the horse’s good working muscle and joint metabolism, elasticity, condition and rideability. A sufficient and balanced supply of high-quality amino acids supports the body’s own protein synthesis and build up of the sport horse’s muscles.

EQUIPERGATO ® - SPORT provides the organism a combination of nutrients and active agents for optimum cell protection, muscle and joint metabolism and for the support of the immune system and body’s own regeneration.

  • Support of the muscle metabolism, cell protection
    (vitamin E, C, selenium, vitamin B12, niacin, yeast)
  • Improvement of the muscle build up, the physical fitness, the condition
    (amino acid complex)
  • Supply with high-quality minerals
    (organic trace elements copper, zinc)
  • Strengthening of the immune system
    (omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, vitamin E and C)
  • Optimization of the digestion (probiotics)
  • Strengthening of collagen, tendons and cartilage (organic sulphur)

Magnesium oxide, dextrose, soy protein isolate, magnesium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, algae powder


· 28,50% crude protein · 9,50% crude fat · 0,20% crude fibre · 29,80% crude ash · 1,00% calcium · 1,00% phosphor · 8,30% magnesium · 2,60% chlorine · 10,40% lysine · 15,00% methionine · 2,20% threonine


· 83,000.00 i. E. vitamin E (alpha tocopherolacetat) · 166.00 mg cupric chelate of glycine hydrate · 40,000.00 mg vitamin C · 10,000.00 mcg vitamin B12 · 10,000.00 mg niacin · 1,660.00 mg zinc chelate of glycine hydrate · 6.60 mg selenium · 3,500.00 mg omega-3 fatty acids

Feeding instructions:
g/day measuring cup/day
Horses 30 1 1/2
Foal 15 3/4
Pony 15 3/4
to the daily intake with the food. *

* Because of its higher content of selenium and trace elements compared to complete food this supplementary feed should not make up more than 3.00% of the horse’s daily intake.
Keep in a cool and dry place. To be well closed after use. Only for the use with horses.

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