To improve performance, muscular activity and mental resilience.

  • Muscle building
  • Nerves relaxation
  • Muscle relaxation

EQUIPERGATO ® - TRIMYO contains highly available organic magnesium for muscles relaxation and helps the horses to manage stressful situations.

EQUIPERGATO ® - TRIMYO supports the muscle building, activity and performance especially during the show season or training of young horses due to its combination of amino acids, vitamin E and l-carnitine.

EQUIPERGATO ® - TRIMYO provides a wide range of nutrients with high bioavailability and efficacy to optimise the functionality of the muscles and neural tissues.

  • Optimizes nerve and muscle metabolism
  • Improves the oxygen supply of the muscles
  • Gives the horse rhythmic and relaxed movements

Magnesium lactate, magnesium phosphate, magnesium acetate, calcium citrate , monocalcium phosphate, l-carnitine


· 6.80% crude protein · 8.50% crude fat · 0.07% crude fibre · 50.00% crude ash


· 75,000.00 mg vitamin E · 20,000.00 mg lysine · 15,000.00 mg methionine · 10,000.00 mcg vitamin B12 · 10.00 mg selenium · 15,000 mg glycerine

Feeding instructions:
g/day* measuring cup/day*
Horses 20 1
Medium sized horses 10 1/2
Small sized horses 10 1/2
* to the daily intake of food.

Store in cool dry place. Close containers tightly after use. Only for the use with horses.

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