Supports the building of muscles and intensifies the readiness to perform.

  • Muscles
  • Performance

EQUIPERGATO ® - MYONOL is a special feed with high content of vitamin E, Gamma-Oryzanol and essential fatty acids.

  • Supports the building of muscles and intensifies the readiness to perform (vitamin E and Gamma-Oryzanol)
  • Improves oxygen supply in the muscles (L-carnitine)
  • Natural cell protection (vitamin E, selenium)
  • For perfect training for licensing and auctions
  • Particularly suitable for horses building muscle during convalescence, after sickness or break of training

Rice bran oil, rapeseed oil


· 97,00% crude fat · 0,55% crude protein · 0,00% crude fibre · 0,65% crude ash


Nutritional additives: · 120,000 mg (3a700) vitamin E/all rac-alpha-Tocopheryacetat · 10,000 mg vitamin B12 · 10,000 mg L-Carnitine · 12.00 mg Selenium (E8) in the form of Sodium Selenate
Technological additives: · 240.00 mg (E 321) Butylhydroxytoluol (BHT) · 240.00 mg (E 320) Butylhydroxyanisol (BHA) · 104.00 mg (E 310) propyl gallate

Feeding instructions:
Horses 30
Small to medium-sized horse breeds 15
to the daily intake of food, with the drinking water or directly into the mouth. *

* Due to its relatively high content of selenium compared to complete feeds, this supplementary feed should never exceed 3% of a horse's total food ration.
Storage must be at room temperature, frost free and protected from light. Shake bottle before use. Close containers tightly after use. Only for the use for horses.

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