For the daily balanced supply with high-quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For the support of recovery, physiological stress and breeding purposes.

  • Physical fitness
  • Growth
  • Development

High-quality basic supply with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients for quick balancing of feed defects and for the horse’s support during recovery e.g. after physiological stress, disease or for old horses.

EQUIPERGATO ® - MULTIBASIS supplies vital substances for the body’s metabolism and development. In addition to the supplying demands EQUIPERGATO ® - MULTIBASIS provides a wide variety of natural nutrients which help the organism to react to detrimental effects, support the endogenous regeneration and maintain the physical fitness..

EQUIPERGATO ® - MULTIBASIS added to the daily feed provides the basis for the perfect body development, performance and a healthy appearance.


Dicalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, dextrose, sodium chloride, algae powder, yeast, magnesium phosphate, soy protein isolate


· 16,00% crude protein · 2,00% crude fat · 0,50% crude fibre · 54,00% crude ash · 10,00% calcium · 4,30% phosphor · 4,00% sodium · 6,60% magnesium · 3,00% lysine · 3,40% methionine · 1,30% threonine


· 500,000.00 i.E vitamin A · 26,000.00 i. E. vitamin D3 · 6,600.00 mg vitamin E (alpha tocopherolacetat) · 3,300.00 mg vitamin C · 166.00 mg cupric chelate of glycine hydrate · 500.00 mg manganese chelate of glycine hydrate · 830.00 mg zinc chelate of glycine hydrate · 6.60 mg selenium

Feeding instructions:
g/day measuring cup/day
Horses 30 1
Foal 15 1/2
Pony 15 1/2
to the daily intake with the food.
product image (big):
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