To support the healthy bone structure.

  • Bones
  • Joints
  • Metabolism

EQUIPERGATO ® - BONESAN is a mixture of 4fold calcium compound plus vitamins D, K2, A to support the bone structure.

EQUIPERGATO ® - BONESAN provides nutrients like glucosamines, chondroitin sulfate and MSM for joints care.

EQUIPERGATO ® - BONESAN helps to prevent the foal from growth disorders, dental deformity and bone complaints by its content of vitamin K2.

  • Optimum care for growth disorders
  • Supports the development of growth plates
  • Stimulates the bone formation after chip surgery
  • Optimum care for fast growing foals

· calcium citrate · calcium carbonate · calcium formate · calcium propionate


· 56.0 % crude ash · 0.6% crude fat · 0.5% crude protein · 0.4% crude fibre · 23.0% calcium · 3.0% phosphorous · 2.0% magnesium · 0.3% lysine


· 1,000,000 IE vitamin A · 120,000 IE vitamin D3 · 10,000mg vitamin C · 1,400 mg vitamin E

Feeding instructions:
g/day* measuring cup/day*
Horses 30 1
Foals 15 1/2
Ponies 15 1/2
* for daily ration in feed. Because of its higher content of vitamin A and D3 compared to complete food this supplementary feed should not make up more than 3% of the horse’s daily intake.

Minimum storage life and/or batch reference number: see ground imprint.
Store in cool dry place. Close containers tightly after use. Only for the use with horses.

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